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In Honor of National Case Management Week 2021 (October 10-16)

Learn more about our Case Management team and their commitment to referring providers.
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Learn more about our Case Management team and their commitment to referring providers.

Case management at Eating Recovery Center and Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center is a collaborative, process-driven practice model rooted in seamless coordination of care and communication.

A case manager is assigned to each patient during the clinical assessment phase of admission. The case manager’s sole responsibility is to source, organize and monitor treatment records to enable clinical teams—ours and yours—to provide the very best care to patients and families.

Case managers engage with referring providers to discuss treatment goals and determine communication preferences—how often they want to receive treatment updates, but also what specific information they want to know related to their patients in our care.

At the time of discharge, case managers ensure outpatient providers have comprehensive discharge plans, informing them about the treatment received at ERC and Pathlight, and empowering them to usher their patient into the next phase of recovery.
Kristin Stevenson is a case manager at Eating Recovery Center of Dallas, TX. She was the first case manager in Dallas and has seen the role evolve while being with the company for almost 5 years. “Case managers are truly the support in every aspect of the company. Not only do we support the patients, but also all members of the treatment teams and the outpatient providers. CM’s all around the country wear so many hats to help the company run smoothly. I am glad that CM’s are now being recognized as a valuable part of the company and that the work we do behind the scenes is recognized and appreciated.”

Strong relationships with referring providers are essential. The full treatment team is committed to collaboration and communication with the goal of seamlessly transitioning patients back into their care.

Learn more about our commitment to referring providers here.

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