Announcing, Eating Recovery Day: May 3, 2016

Eating Recovery Center Kicks Off "Eating Recovery Day" on May 3, 2016to Bring Much-Needed Hope to Those Affected by Eating Disorders.

Eating Recovery Center Kicks Off "Eating Recovery Day" to Bring Much-Needed Hope to Those Affected by Eating Disorders

Building on the success of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Eating Recovery Center is committed to helping advance the conversation and remove stigma surrounding eating disorders, and to helping patients and their families realize that recovery is possible - and worth it. On May 3, ERC will kick off the first-ever "Eating Recovery Day," an event dedicated to building greater awareness of the pervasive nature of eating disorders and inspiring hope for recovery.

Increase Awareness

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness and more than 30 million people suffer from eating disorders in the United States alone. ERC will spread a much-needed positive message to let patients, families and communities know that lasting eating disorder recovery is possible and worth it. Everyone is encouraged to join the conversation by sharing stories and showing support on social media channels using #EatingRecoveryDay.

Remove Stigma

"Eating disorders can impact anyone - men and women, young and old and all economic classes and races. Despite the high mortality rate, there is still a stigma and many people avoid seeking treatment and are unaware of how serious and life-altering eating disorders can be," said Ken Weiner, MD, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Eating Recovery Center. "To make an impactful change, it is imperative to build awareness and create better understanding that recovery is possible through proper treatment."

Inspire Hope

Eating disorders have a wide-reaching impact, threatening a person's health, well-being, joy, confidence and overall life as well as their families and friends. ERC's mission is to provide the very best care to patients, families and referral sources in the treatment of and recovery from serious eating and related disorders. With the launch of Eating Recovery Day, ERC's goal is to encourage people around the country to start conversations about eating disorders and available treatment options to empower patients and their families to take the first step toward overcoming the illness and truly recovering their lives.

If you or a loved on are struggling or think you may be struggling with an eating disorder, call us or chat confidentially with a Masters-level eating disorders clinician in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

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