We Are "Star Stuff" - My Recovery Letter - Ana A.

Ana writes a letter to her self, acknowledging both the challenges and the rewards gained when we choose to thrive in recovery.

Dear Unmasked Self,

When you think of putting on the mask that is going to shield your vulnerability and hide your emotions, read this.

You are worthy. 

You are loved. 

You are not alone.

That critical internal voice that doubts your worth would love to convince you that your existence is a mistake. It is not. Remember that you are “star stuff”.

That quiet internal voice may try to provide evidence of your failure as proof of your unworthiness. It is not. Failing at something does not mean that you are a failure.

That screeching internal voice wants you to believe that your sensitivities are weaknesses that make you less capable than others. They are not. Your strong feelings and sense of compassion are sources of power.

That relentless internal voice will drive you to aim for an unattainable perfection and scold you when you do not achieve it. Ignore it. No one is perfect. You are not perfect, and you are still worthy.

That mocking internal voice would prefer that you wear a mask to hide your pain from others and shield yourself from emotion. Do not wear it. You are your strongest self when you share your truth.

You have a gift – your bipolar disorder gives you the ability to experience the euphoric highs and the depleting lows of this life. It makes living exhausting and there will be numerous struggles. And, yet, you have the strength to live this life.

You will thrive on the authentic connections you make with others. You will relish in the joyous life moments of your closest friends and support them through the Earth-shattering ones. You will have to ask for help and learn how to accept it. Everything you thought you understood about yourself will be stripped away so that you can find a new perspective.

You will love and be loved, and experience countless moments of pure joy.

Every day, you will choose to live a life in recovery not because it is easy, but because your life is worth it.
All my love,

As a Recovery Ambassador for Insight Behavioral Health Center/Eating Recovery Center, Ana is passionate about sharing her story to provide hope, reduce stigma, and spread awareness of mood disorders. Always encouraged by the power of community, Ana enjoys spending time with family and friends experiencing the natural beauty of the world. 

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