Self Care

The Power Of Positivity

When things go wrong in life it’s easy to get down on yourself and feel like the whole world is out to get you. You have to work to stay positive when things don’t go the way you thought they would or when something unexpected happens. Positivity is essential in living a healthy and well-balanced life. Your mind and your body will feel at it’s best when you relive yourself of all your pessimistic stress and start believing in the power of positivity. Some psychologists say that we can learn to be optimists, while other experts believe optimism is a personality trait we’re born with and can never truly acquire. But there are just too many factors that go into being an innate optimistic person. Factors like socioeconomic status and cultural background play a big role in our ability to think positively. But no matter how we were raised we should look at life in a positive light or at least find that silver lining. When life is giving you a difficult hand and making you feel down, you should strive for positivity and optimism to turn that mood around. But reaching optimism may not always be easy but it is something that can be reached. Here are a few tips on how you can reach that positivity during those tough times: EVERY LITTLE THING IS GONNA’ BE ALL RIGHT Be Grateful for What You Have Turn your focus from everything that is going wrong is bad and focus on the things that you are actually grateful for. Take a few minutes and write down at least ten things about your life that you are grateful for and that make you happy. That way, when the frustration comes back, you look at the list and remind yourself about all the good things in your life. Set Short Term and Long Term Goals Set goals for your life both short term and long term. You can make a daily to-do list and check things off once you’ve accomplished them. Also think about where you would like to be in a year, both professionally and personally. If you keep that picture in mind, you will find yourself moving toward that goal. Take Care of Yourself Physically Physical exercise is proven put you in a good mood and getting into shape is a great way to keep yourself feeling strong, optimistic and in control of your life. Be aware of the toxins you are putting into your body and make your health a priority so you can do the things that will move your life forward. Take the Focus off of Yourself Think of others. By doing good things for others you will boost your mood as well as your self-esteem. Every one needs help sometimes so try to do five nice things for other people every day. Don’t expect immediate payback, just remember that what goes around comes around. Let good karma help you reach that level of positivity you’re looking for in your life. Express Yourself Creatively Show off your creativity and feel better about yourself and being unique and your own person. Make it a point of creatively expressing yourself every day. You can express your creativity in the way that you dress, the way you decorate your home, or painting or writing. Think outside the box and let your talents flow. You’ll feel better about yourself and more optimistic about your situation. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail Nothing is scarier than the idea of failure, but anyone who has ever been successful has experienced failure at some point in their life. Don’t let fear of failure stop you from moving forward. If things don’t go your way the first time, look at what went wrong, see what you can learn from it, and then enthusiastically use those lessons to try again and move forward. Don’t Beat Yourself Up There is absolutely nothing good about belittling or berating yourself. Negativity only brings more negativity, so you need to replace those negative voices in your head and negative language with encouraging and positive reinforcement. Be as supportive of yourself as you are to your friends and loved ones. Stay in the Moment If you want to be and stay positive and productive, focus on the present and what you are doing today. Live one day at a time and don’t stress and worry about the future. You can truly only live one day at a time, so stay in the now and keep your days positive. Be Open to Happiness The simple act of smiling can actually change your whole demeanor. Fill your life with happiness and happy people. Look for the humor in everyday life, seek out others who make you laugh and make you happy. Try smiling instead of frowning and you will start to feel a sense of positivity in your life. Set Aside Some Quiet Time to Recharge Give yourself some time to unwind and make sure to set aside some time each day for you– even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Turn off the phone, the laptop and the voices in your head and let yourself find Zen and find a meditative space. Just enjoy the stillness and the calm and find an inner peace.