Eating Recovery Center Partners with Recovery Record App to Enrich Continuum of Patient Care

Eating Recovery Center, the only national, vertically integrated, health care system dedicated to the treatment of serious eating disorders, announced today its partnership with Recovery Record, a mobile app that uniquely connects patients with clinicians to provide support through the recovery process with evidence-based treatment. Through this partnership, Eating Recovery Center has uniquely tailored the app experience to complement its treatment philosophy as another means to support lasting recovery for patients.

To further enhance its unique multidisciplinary treatment approach, Eating Recovery Center has collaborated with Recovery Record. Over the last year, Eating Recovery Center and Recovery Record have been working closely to customize the user experience to enhance Eating Recovery Center’s clinical content and dietary exchanges and incorporate treatment modalities, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy. This partnership extends Eating Recovery Center’s care continuum and treatment philosophy beyond its brick-and-mortar facilities, and offers post-discharge surveys and support follow up. When patients return home after treatment, Eating Recovery Center offers outpatient providers complimentary Recovery Record access to support ongoing care for the patient.

“Recovery Record is providing Eating Recovery Center staff with the ability to use technology and enhance our patients’ treatment programs,” said Ovidio Bermudez, Chief Clinical Officer and Medical Director of Child and Adolescent Services at Eating Recovery Center. “The app is another tool to help propel our patients to a full recovery.”

During a pilot performed with Eating Recovery Center’s Pathlight Behavioral Health Centers, 95-percent of patients reported feeling more connected to their clinician and more accountable in their treatment. Overall, 89-percent of patients reported Recovery Record helped prevent them from getting worse and 92-percent of patients and clinicians expressed a preference for using the app in the future.

Recovery Record is a HIPAA compliant platform made up of two interfaces; one client-facing and the other clinician-facing. Patients input information throughout treatment, which then links through the Eating Recovery Center dashboard for treatment team monitoring, connecting patients to individualized monitoring, assessment and treatment planning throughout their duration of care. These innovative methods of treatment have proven successful in Eating Recovery Center’s patients showing 91-percent of adult patients reporting it was helpful in achieving a sustainable recovery, and 92-percent recommending it to other individuals in need of treatment. The platform provides care teams with the tools and information they need to intervene quickly and effectively with the highest quality of care. Clinicians reported saving 14 minutes per session, spending less time responding to emails and having more time to spend with patients, and 92-percent reported making more effective use of one-on-one time with patients and being more productive.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with Eating Recovery Center,” said Jenna Tregarthen, Founder and CEO of Recovery Record. “We believe it is a great match as at Recovery Record we focus our efforts towards maximizing engagement in treatment and clinically significant outcomes, which aligns with their mission to offer lasting recovery for anyone suffering with an eating disorder.”

Download the Recovery Record app from the iTunes store.