Carli Bushoven

Executive Director, The Madison Holleran Foundation

Carli tragically lost her younger sister, Madison Holleran, to suicide on January 17, 2014, which was just two weeks after Carli’s first child was born. Beautiful, athletic, kind, and smart, Madison was thought by many to have “had it all.” Her death came as a shock to not only her family, but her friends, community, and people across the country – and became the catalyst for the NYTimes bestselling book “What Made Maddy Run?“ by Kate Fagan and published by Little, Brown and Company.

Shortly after Maddy’s death, Carli helped form the Madison Holleran Foundation in an effort to keep Madison’s memory alive and to support others who are struggling with mental illness. The goal of the foundation is to focus on high school seniors who are making the difficult transition to college, and let them know that they are not alone and help is available. Madison’s story has been shared on national television with Dr. Oz, and in numerous news outlets including People Magazine.

Passionate for suicide awareness and prevention, Carli shares Madison’s story in an effort to inspire others to speak out about their mental health struggles and end the stigma that prevented her sister from getting the help that she needed when she needed it.