Patients in a group therapy environment
Oct 06, 2021 | 11:00AM - 1:00PM (MDT)

Breaking the Cycle of Crisis Care: Treatment Options Between Outpatient and the ER

2 CE Credit Hours
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The presentation will focus on helping clinicians learn about the variety of higher level of care options for mood, anxiety, trauma, and eating disorders and the associated clinical indicators for care at each level. Clinicians will learn to identify the crisis care cycle early along with additional indicators for higher levels of care. Clinicians will leave the presentation with a better understanding of the various supports that are available to clients needing more than outpatient care but who are not imminently at risk to themselves or others. Research detailing the impact of inadequate treatment on providers as well as clients will be discussed. Moreover, an in-depth review of the literature on treatment barriers will highlight the experiences of diverse and multicultural populations and how these experiences impact mental health treatment. Case studies will be utilized in the presentations.

The target audience for this continuing education program is mental health providers and clinicians working with individuals with mental health diagnoses. Materials are appropriate for learners with an introductory level of understanding about mental health concerns.