Huddling Up for Mental Health - Collegiate Athlete Series

Oct 03 - 24 2022

While participating in college sports can benefit student athletes in many ways, the pressure, tight schedules, pursuit of perfection and having to balance the stress of performing on the field and in the classroom can often be overwhelming. These challenges can lead many student athletes to experience mental health struggles that may or may not be related to their athletic performance. Our hope for this support group is to provide athletes with a safe place to come together to show each other support, gain skills and resources for their mental health.

This is a four week support group series with psychoeducation 

October 3rd | Week One: The pursuit of perfection in sports: benefit or not?

October 10th | Week Two: Coping with injury and illness  

October 17th | Week Three: Body image and eating disorders

October 24th | Week Four: Balancing life as a student athlete