Insight Behavioral Health Centers is Now Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center

Across the United States, communities are experiencing an undeniable need for more comprehensive, specialized mental health services. Patients struggling with mood, anxiety and trauma-related disorders need intensive, personalized treatment to build their resilience and learn practical tools that empower them to discover the life they desire and chart their course toward living it.

Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center (Pathlight) was chosen as our soon-to-be new name because it encapsulates our commitment to Light the Way to recovery for our patients who struggle with mood, anxiety and trauma-related disorders. At Pathlight, we illuminate each patient's path to lasting recovery by teaching patients the skills and strategies they need to transform their life.

Pathlight illuminates each patient’s unique journey to lasting recovery with innovative, evidenced-based, state-of-the-science treatment plans; intensive family involvement, including support, education and family therapy; and the ability to meet the needs of complex patients under the leadership and guidance of nationally recognized experts in behavioral health.