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Sour Candy for Anxiety Isn't Just a TikTok Trend, Experts Explain How It Really Works

In this article, Dr. Toya Roberson-Moore shares insight about a new TikTok trend and explains how sour candy can help relieve anxiety. The trend claims consuming sour candy can help pause an anxiety or panic attack by distracting the brain due to the intense taste. Dr. Roberson-Moore shares how the brain reacts and how this can actually help as a short-term distraction, but notes, "Shifting your attention to one of the five senses is most effective when coupled with learning and practicing skills to identify when danger is not real and anxiety is not needed."
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KXAN Austin

Doctor warns social media can have lasting consequences for teen girls

In this piece, Dr. Allison Chase talks with KXAN Austin about a recent CDC study which shows teen girls are experiencing record high levels of sadness. Dr. Chase discusses how social media affects mental health and offers parents tips for monitoring social media use.
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VeryWell Health

Best Online Trauma Counseling

Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center was named in Verywell Health's "Best Online Trauma Counseling" list as "Best Overall"
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The Most Unexpected Sign Someone Is Having Suicidal Thoughts

Dr. Howard Weeks is featured in this HuffPost article about the unexpected signs someone may be having suicidal thoughts. In this piece, Dr. Weeks shares his insight about mania and how it differs from signs of suicidality. The article also offers how to help and support someone experiencing suicidal thoughts and offers links and resources to access help.
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What causes mood swings?

Dr. Elizabeth Wassenaar is extensively in this LiveScience article about mood swings. In the piece, she describes mood swings; their causes; and how to manage them.