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Virtual care is changing the way we think about behavioral health care. It increases access to care and allows us to truly meet people where they are, in their everyday lives, with their everyday stressors and supports. Since 2016, we have seen the impact of our virtual intensive outpatient treatment model. We have come to believe that, for many people, expert and specialized virtual care is key to sustainable recovery.

We are confident that it’s here to stay. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve changed the name of our proven virtual intensive outpatient program (IOP) to Eating Recovery and Pathlight At Home. As our new name suggests, we’re offering the same expert treatment we provide on-site from the comfort and convenience of home.

Download this free, digital version of our At Home magazine to learn more about our virtual IOP programming, including answers to common questions, what we have learned about virtual treatment through the years, and inspirational patient stories.

At Eating Recovery Center and Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center, we’re dedicated to making your experience - and your clients’ - with us as streamlined, helpful and accessible as possible by connecting and sharing resources for eating, mood, anxiety and trauma-related conditions.

Have any questions? There are multiple ways to reach us via email, social media channels, newsletters and more.

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