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Support Groups For Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating and OSFED

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Support Groups During COVID-19

Please note: To best care for our alumni, families and community during this time, we are not currently offering in-person support groups at our centers. However, we recognize the importance of connecting with community and support systems during difficult times, and are working to offer additional online support groups for both alumni and family / community members. 

So that we can offer virtual resources to as many ERC and Pathlight alumni and community members as possible, we are asking that you attend only one ERC Pathlight virtual support group per week. We are also capping attendance to 15 people at each virtual support group. That means the virtual support groups are first-come, first-served.

Community & Support In Recovery

We offer many support groups specifically for the alumni of our treatment programs to help provide support and sustained recovery. This allows you to connect with others who have had similar experiences to yours, in a safe, supportive and secure environment. All our support groups are facilitated by our Alumni and Family Liaison team, and trained facilitators and clinicians. 

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Support Group Facilitators

Support groups are led by trained facilitators, including members of our Alumni and Family Liaison team. 

  • Tatum Carter, MA
    Tatum Carter, MA Link

    Tatum Carter, MA

    National Community Outreach Manager
    Tatum feels that no one is successful alone, and it takes a circle of supporters to flourish. Tatum believes that, support is ...
  • Ellie Pike, MA, LPC
    Ellie Pike, MA, LPC Link

    Ellie Pike, MA, LPC

    Senior Manager, Alumni, Family and Community Outreach
    Ellie Pike is the Sr. Manager of Alumni/Family/Community Outreach at ERC & Pathlight Behavioral Health Centers. Over the years ...
  • Maggie Moore, MA, LMFT
    Maggie Moore, MA, LMFT Link

    Maggie Moore, MA, LMFT

    National Family Outreach Manager
    Maggie Moore, MA, LMFT is the National Family Outreach Manager at Eating Recovery Center and Pathlight. She supports family and ...
  • Shawn Pham
    Shawn Pham, MSW, LSWAIC Link

    Shawn Pham, MSW, LSWAIC

    Community Outreach Liaison | East Region
    Shawn Pham graduated with his Bachelor of Social Work at George Mason University and Advanced Standing Master of Social Work at ...

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