Finding the Virtual Treatment Program Right for You

Our national virtual treatment taskforce is being led by Casey Tallent, PhD, one of the nation’s leading experts in telebehaviorial health. She championed ERC and Insight’s virtual treatment programs three years ago and has been an advocate with insurance companies on our patients’ behalf ever since. For many years, she has been a pioneer in securing in-network coverage from large insurers in the states where we have offered this service. Click below to see just a small sampling of the presentations and keynotes she has given on telebehavioral health across the country.

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Removing Barriers to Treatment

The process for moving so many of our existing clinicians and patients to virtual has been rigorous, including:

  • 30-40 hours of mandatory training, trainings that were built previous to the COVID-19 crisis. Rest assured—we have proprietary protocols for our admissions and case management teams as well as clinicians and Registered Dietitians.
  • Once training is completed, clinicians are required to complete competency assessments with our virtual treatment leadership.
  • Our IT department has equipped all our clinicians with the correct technical package needed to provide high-quality, secure, encrypted virtual services, including laptops, headphones, and licensed accounts for our secure virtual platform.
  • ​We are conducting quality audits - for both IT and care delivery throughout this launch phase.

​We appreciate that many treatment centers have been standing up virtual programs in response to the COVID-19 crisis. We support all efforts to expand care in this time of need. We also know first hand the complexities of delivering a high-quality program, having spent three years methodically and rigorously developing the protocols, training manuals, and systems and support for Virtual IOP. With so many new virtual offerings in the industry, we know patients have a choice on where to receive their virtual care. We encourage you and your patients to strongly consider ERC and Insight and ask questions to ensure that practitioners are:

  1. Licensed or approved to practice in the state in which your patient is located
  2. Have received substantive training in providing telebehavioral health; and
  3. Are conducting sessions on a confidential, secure platform in which data is secure.

We are following licensing guidelines, which vary by state. While many states are removing barriers to providing virtual behavioral healthcare across state boundaries, the vast majority are not, including some of the most populous in the country. When your patient admits to an ERC/Insight virtual program, you can be assured that a licensed clinician eligible to provide treatment in the state in which your patient physically resides will be the one providing care.