Eating Recovery and Pathlight At Home Named Best Online Therapy Services of 2022 and 2023

By Sarenka Smith

Recent years have shown a rising need for behavioral health treatment across the country, combined with persistent challenges in access to care. The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced this need, with a 2020 study confirming that telehealth visits comprised a third of total visits to behavioral health specialists. We know that virtual care works and is here to stay – with people accessing virtual programs 38x more than before the pandemic. Overall, online psychiatry services now fill an immediate need for convenient, accessible and affordable support.

“Virtual care provides the same high-quality, evidence-based treatment designed to help patients make significant therapeutic progress not possible in outpatient treatment services from the safety and convenience of their home.”

– Anne Marie O’Melia, MS, MD, FAAP Chief Medical Officer of Pathlight Mood and Anxiety Center and Eating Recovery Center

Our leading virtual intensive outpatient programs (IOP) were recently recognized by top publications Health and Verywell Family as filling the “much-needed gap between inpatient treatment and casual once or twice-a-week therapy.”

  • Eating Recovery At Home was named the Best Online Therapy Service of 2022 and 2023 for Eating Disorders
  • Pathlight At Home was named as the Best Online Psychiatry Service of 2022 and 2023 for Mood Disorders

Since 2016, our expert clinical team has been delivering virtual care with the same proven outcomes as our renowned in-person eating disorder treatment programs. Eating Recovery and Pathlight At Home are the leading virtual IOP for both eating disorders and mood and anxiety conditions. Proven as effective as in-person treatment, our online group therapy-based programs help you take recovery home, expand access to care, and build ongoing connection and intensive support. Our team’s focus? To help our patients navigate life’s stressors and build resilience in everyday life.

Detailing the thorough virtual options that enable clients to participate in recovery from the comfort and convenience of home, expert clinical review boards from both publications – Health and Verywell Family – cited that our programs offer:

  • Coverage in-network with most commercial insurance plans
  • Positive overall treatment experience based on detailed patient surveys
  • Comprehensive, customized care plans with various types of evidence-based modalities  
  • Strong clinical provider qualifications and master’s-level clinicians at every level of care
  • A robust offering of resources including blogs, a podcast, and an array of community support groups

A health and wellness publication reaching over 120 million people annually, Health’s industry experts independently researched, tested, reviewed, and recommended the program based on its “comprehensive virtual care” including a full team of therapists and registered dietitians. The board assessed 55 online therapy companies, surveying 25 directories and 180 users to rigorously test each service. Using that data, as well as in-depth research into each company’s offerings, they concluded that the program enables patients to stay in school and/or work while still receiving quality clinical care from the comfort of home. Almost 80% of users gave the program high user ratings, in addition to high ratings for provider qualifications.

“Eating Recovery At Home isn’t a therapy service like the other ones on this list. Instead, it’s a virtual intensive outpatient program that provides the high level of care often needed to address eating disorders online. This way, patients can stay in school and/or work and access care even if they live far from an eating disorder treatment center.” – Health

Award-winning resource Verywell Family compiled an expert clinical review board, which found that only Pathlight offers intensive, higher level services like IOP and PHP. The team used focused research ranging from company-specific information including pricing, types of therapy offered, and therapist qualifications to detailed user-focused surveys. Overall, they concluded that Pathlight At Home enables more people “to return to school or work while receiving the continued care they need for their mood and anxiety disorders.”

“Pathlight At Home offers customized care plans for adults, adolescents, and children suffering from mood disorders…the center provides wrap-around services including family and group support, therapy, medication management, and nutrition and meal guidance to help you and your loved ones find lasting solutions.” – Verywell Family

We know it is the passion, commitment, and expertise of our virtual clinicians that sets our programs apart, and the entire ERC Pathlight team is grateful for this recognition. Meet our virtual clinical team and hear what they find most rewarding about their work.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our programs, continuing education materials, the admissions process or referral guidance. Most importantly, we remain thankful for our collaboration with patients, providers and families: allowing more people to take recovery home

At Eating Recovery Center and Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center, we’re dedicated to making your experience - and your clients’ - with us as streamlined, helpful and accessible as possible by connecting and sharing resources for eating, mood, anxiety and trauma-related conditions.

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