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10 Mental Health Tips for the Holidays

Here are 10 mental health tips for the holidays for those struggling with anxiety, depression and mental health concerns.


Resources List: Recommended Reading

Almost Anorexic: Is My (or My Loved One’s) Relationship with Food a Problem by Jennifer J. Thomas, Ph.D., and Jenni Schaefer   Anorexia…


Willingness: Is it Really That Important?

If you are struggling in your journey today, perhaps you may find it helpful to ask yourself the question I asked myself every morning in those early…

Mental Note

A Parent's Journey

Check out our podcast, Mental Note. Beth Ayn's tells the story of her daughter being diagnosed with anorexia and the journey that led her to start…

Mental Note

Parents Make All the Difference

Check out our podcast, Mental Note. In celebration of Father's Day, we sit down with David Bachman the father of two boys, one of which began a battle…

Families in Recovery

Parenting a Child with OCD: A Mother's Story

The diagnosis of OCD was not new to our family. OCD was something we were familiar with, but our knowledge on how to recognize and fight it was…

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