The Residential mood, anxiety and trauma-related disorder treatment program and Pathlight offers medically stable patients a highly-structured and supportive 24-hour treatment environment.

Residential Program

Our Residential mood and anxiety program is designed for patients that need 24-hour support. This program offers round-the-clock observation and support, as well as daytime medical and psychiatric supervision. 

A structured schedule incorporates groups, community meetings and individual therapy to model a recovery-based daily structure to help patients overcome destructive routines, rules and behaviors. The treatment program also focuses on recovery skills and relapse prevention. 

A number of evidence-based clinical interventions are employed in the Residential program to enhance behavioral change including: 

Experiential therapies including art, psychodrama, mindfulness, movement and yoga are also part of our program. 

Adult, child and adolescent patients and treatment teams are able to test recovery in real-world situations, including day and weekend passes, to identify recovery challenges and determine readiness for entry into a lower level of care with more autonomy. 

Residential Mood & Anxiety Centers