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First For Women

Stressed and Overwhelmed? The Ancient Practice of Forest Bathing Soothes Tension Naturally

Stress and overwhelmed? Surrounding yourself in nature and connecting to the outdoors is proven way to naturally boost your mood and improve mental health. In this First for Women article, Dr. Allison Chase shares how stress impacts the body and the benefits of spending time outside. "Spending time in nature, with more serene and slower paced stimuli, can be very calming to the nervous system, where stress and cortisol levels are impacted," said Chase.
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Do You Experience 'Euphoric Recall'? Here's Why It Can Be Toxic.

Leah Young recently shared her perspective on "euphoric recall" -- when someone recounts a negative experience in a positive light -- with HuffPost writer Ashley Broadwater. The article examines what euphoric recall is and how it happens. Young notes, “the same part of the brain that is stimulated during a pleasant experience is also activated when we’re remembering it. We can then minimize experienced consequences, exaggerate the positives and justify any associated costs." The article also provides helpful information about responding to and addressing euphoric recall.
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The Checkup by SingleCare

Latuda withdrawal: What happens when you stop taking Latuda?

Dr. Howard Weeks is quoted in this article by The Checkup by SingleCare which discusses how to avoid potential side effects when discontinuing Latuda. "Medications like Latuda ... do not have 'formal' withdrawal symptoms, but some people may experience some minor discomfort when reducing doses," said Weeks. The article discusses common symptoms and withdrawal timeline, how to manage withdrawal, long-term effects, and how to navigate safely discontinuing the medication.
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Here are some ideas in dealing with grief around Mother's Day

Mother's Day, like many holidays, can be difficult for those who have lost a mother, a mother figure, or a child. In this clip, Dr. Elizabeth Wassenaar shares tips on navigating the holiday and grief with Denver 9News.
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Psychiatrist highlights importance of mental health care for college athletes

Dr. Alyssa Lucker is featured in this Denver 9News segment which puts college athletes' mental health in the spotlight. Collegiate athlete suicide rates continue to rise, according to a recent study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Here, Dr. Lucker shares contributing factors and where to turn for help when you're struggling.