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‘Crisis candies’: Woman’s therapist told her to use Warheads to stop panic attacks

The Daily Dot discusses how sour candies can be used to help stop panic attacks and provides insight from a previous interview with Dr. Toya Roberson-Moore for The article features a TikTok user who went viral for sharing tips from their therapist to use Warheads to stop a panic attack. Dr. Roberson-Moore shares how the brain interprets a response to sour candy.
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Can Stress Make You Sick? Fever, Blood Pressure And More

Pathlight's Dr. Matthew Pierson discusses the physical and mental impact stress can have on our bodies in this Forbes Health article. The piece breaks down the types of stress; how it impacts the body; outlines the illnesses associated with stress; and provides helpful tips for managing stress.
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How to Stop a Panic Attack, According to Experts

Dr. Toya Roberson-Moore is featured in this Prevention Magazine article, How to Stop a Panic Attack, According to Experts, and shares insight about what causes them; the brain's response; and how to recognize, calm, and manage anxiety.

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Tips for coping with back-to-school anxiety

In this WGN9 segment, Dr. Ellen Astrachan-Fletcher shares how caregivers can ease their child's back-to-school anxiety and discusses times of transition.