We want to equip our patients, alumni, community members and professional partners with the resources they need to thrive. Find articles and blogs, videos, downloads and podcasts that will inspire and educate you on your recovery journey.

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10 Mental Health Tips for the Holidays

Here are 10 mental health tips for the holidays for those struggling with anxiety, depression and mental health concerns.


How to Share Your Mental Health Story

Wondering how to share your mental health story? Get tips from our experts on what to share and what you might want to keep confidential.


Making Peace With My Mind

One of the hardest and most rewarding journeys I have been on with my mental health has been learning to accept and embrace my mind and my thoughts.…


My Mental Health Does Not Define Me

"To maintain my mental health, I continue to see my therapist weekly, stay active through dancing, and I volunteer at an animal shelter. Having a dog…


How Lent and My Faith Support My Recovery 

The 40 days of Lent have become so important to me. They have truly strengthened both my recovery and my relationship with my faith. I'm so grateful…

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