Alumni and Family Liaison Team

Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center's Alumni and Family Liaisons are a clinician-led team dedicated to supporting alumni and their family members throughout their mental health journey. They provide ongoing support via phone and email outreach, alumni events, support groups, social recovery communities and other resources. The overall goal is to provide you and your support network with the resources needed to maintain and progress throughout your mental health journey.

Alumni Email Communications

Pathlight offers email communications from our Alumni and Family Liaison Team, all of which highlight different resources including virtual support groups, upcoming events, blogs, Mental Note podcast and additional hands-on practical tools. This entire team is dedicated to working with both patients and their families, ensuring you continue to have supportive touchpoints after you discharge from treatment. Whether you need words of encouragement or referrals for outpatient treatment, our team is here to support you.

Alumni and Family Liaison Team

Your Alumni and Family Liaison is your point of contact to access all the resources ERC Pathlight has in place for you and your support team. Feel free to reach out to them anytime!

  • Ellie Pike, MA, LPC
    Ellie Pike, MA, LPC Link

    Ellie Pike, MA, LPC

    Senior Manager, Alumni, Family and Community Outreach
    Ellie Pike is the Sr. Manager of Alumni/Family/Community Outreach at ERC & Pathlight Behavioral Health Centers. Over the years ...
  • cara spagnola
    Cara Spagnola MSW, LISW, LCSW Link

    Cara Spagnola MSW, LISW, LCSW

    Community Outreach Liaison | Midwest Region
    Cara has over 10 years of experience working with children and families in a variety of settings. She learned along the way that ...
  • Katie Bendel, LMSW
    Katie Bendel, LMSW Link

    Katie Bendel, LMSW

    Community Outreach Liaison | South Region
    Katie believes that recovery and wellness are best developed and reinforced by community with others, and connection to our core ...
  • Kaylee Kron, LMSW
    Kaylee Kron, LMSW Link

    Kaylee Kron, LMSW

    National Community Partnership Manager
    Kaylee earned her Master of Social Work degree through Boise State University as well as a Master of Strategic Marketing Degree ...
  • Shawn Pham
    Shawn Pham, MSW, LSWAIC Link

    Shawn Pham, MSW, LSWAIC

    Community Outreach Liaison | East Region
    Shawn Pham graduated with his Bachelor of Social Work at George Mason University and Advanced Standing Master of Social Work at ...
  • Emma Boillotat
    Emma Boillotat, MSW Link

    Emma Boillotat, MSW

    Alumni & Family Liaison | Mountain Region
    Emma believes in the power of community above all else. She believes that healing and recovery can occur and flourish with the ...
An alumni and her mother hug outdoors

Caring for You in Recovery

Our Alumni and Family Liaison Team believes in you and your capabilities. We are here to provide you with the necessary skills and tools to continue your recovery journey. While recovery is not always linear, we believe in the ability to progress towards a lasting recovery. Additionally, we work to provide your family, friends and caregivers with supportive tools ranging from education and webinars, to articles and support groups: specifically designed for support systems of loved ones in treatment.

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Healing and Support Center

Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center is committed to walking with you throughout your mental health journey. The following resources will help educate, support and inspire you, your family and loved ones.

I believe [Pathlight]’s mood disorder program may have changed my life. It was the first time I felt both seen and heard in therapy. I use the skills I learned at [Pathlight] every day. I think everyone should learn the skills [Pathlight] teaches.

A.E., Former Patient