All Levels of Care for Children and Adolescents, and Adults

Pathlight is the nation's only health care system dedicated to the treatment of mood, anxiety and trauma-related disorders at all levels of care. The continuum of care at Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center includes Residential, Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient levels of care. We also offer virtual care for patients who are eligible, enabling patients to access the same evidence-based treatment from the comfort of home.

Each treatment program represents a direct-admit level of care, as well as a step-down level of care as patients move toward recovery. As patients step down to lower levels of care that offer more autonomy, they have meaningful opportunities to practice skills and “test” recovery while remaining a part of the controlled, supportive treatment environment.

Get matched with the exact support you need.

With one conversation, our mental health professionals will help you better understand what you’re going through and what you need.

We will meet you where you are, listen to your story in a therapeutic setting, and match you with the level of support that meets your struggle.

Treatment Teams

Behavioral health conditions like mood, anxiety and trauma-related disorders are complex illnesses that require a multidisciplinary treatment team to address all aspects of life: helping both patients and families connect the dots and better understand the impacts of their condition. Our treatment teams consist of a psychiatrist, therapist family clinician, nurse, case manager, Alumni & Family Liaison, and other related patient support staff: including a dietitian when appropriate. A full-time internal medicine physician is also available to all our patients. This wraparound support ensures that patients not only receive the support they need during treatment, but also helps ensure that they are well-prepared upon leaving treatment. Our experienced treatment teams help patients identify and address weaknesses in their recovery to prepare them for success at the next level of care and support sustainable recoveries following discharge.

For child and adolescent patients, we provide Education Specialists to help students continue with their education during treatment. Our Education Specialists work with our young patients, their treatment teams and home schools to create accommodations that help students stay on track with their education while in treatment.

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