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What is eggshell parenting? Experts explain the latest viral parenting style

August 18, 2023
Dr. Toya Roberson-Moore is a featured expert in this BabyCenter article about "eggshell parenting." The article delves into what it is, the risks, and what to do if you had or are an "eggshell" parent.

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Did you grow up feeling like you were walking on eggshells around a family member? If it was a parent, you might deeply understand the idea of “eggshell parenting,” a term made popular in a viral TikTok by psychologist Kim Sage. Psy.D. She explains this phenomenon as inconsistent parenting, where a child never knows what response or reaction to expect from a caregiver, causing them stress and feeling like they have to, well, walk on eggshells.

In the comments of her video, parents are looking back on their own childhood, expressing distress after being raised by an “eggshell parent.” Others are having moments of self-reflection, admitting to being this type of parent themselves and asking for help. 

Eggshell parenting can impact parent-child relationships, explains Dr. Sage in her video. In an effort to learn more, we asked experts to explain this type of parenting behavior and ways we can better engage with our children. 


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