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The Most Unexpected Sign Someone Is Having Suicidal Thoughts

August 1, 2023
Dr. Weeks was interviewed for this HuffPost article about the warning signs (and appearance of being happy or carefree) in those who may be suicidal. The article shares what to look for, the difference between suicidality and mania, and how to access support. ​

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When you first picture someone experiencing suicidal thoughts, you might imagine them crying, lying in bed, alone or in pain. Suicidal ideation — and the depression that can accompany it — often makes people deeply sad or apathetic, which can lead to any number of these scenarios.

But there’s another indicator of suicidal thoughts that may be unexpected or confusing at first: someone with a mental health condition suddenly acting very happy or carefree. While this may seem like a good sign, it can actually be concerning.


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