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Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month: How to help those who are struggling

September 13, 2023
WBBM NewsRadio
In this WBBM segment focused on Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month, Dr. Ellen Astrachan-Fletcher shares how to support a friend of family member who may be struggling.

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 A record number of people died by suicide in the United States in 2022 — almost 49,500 — according to CDC statistics released in August.

September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month, and a local expert spoke with WBBM about how people can help those who are struggling.

Research has found people who are at high risk for suicide are more likely to see themselves as burdens to others, feel hopeless and have what’s called “thwarted belonginess.” Dr. Ellen Astrachan-Fletcher, regional clinical director at Pathlight Mood and Anxiety Center in Chicago, explained what that means.


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