winter of wonder

Curiosity – Noun: A strong desire to know or learn something.

Albert Einstein once noted, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence."

The benefits of curiosity and an inquisitive mind are well-documented. The ability to question can strengthen relationships, expand our capacity for empathy, help us overcome our fears, and increase self-awareness. But how does curiosity specifically come into play when we discuss mental health—and why is it so important?

While mental health diagnoses are typically based upon the identification of specific symptoms or criteria, as we learn more about our condition, we begin to ask the challenging questions: how do I find recovery? What are different forums and venues for community? Where can I find other people who are experiencing something similar?

When it comes to our own recovery journeys, curiosity enables us to stay active learners. Curiosity supports our growth as we navigate the ins and outs of recovery. Curiosity allows us to embrace unfamiliar situations. When we are curious, we view challenging situations through a more creative lens—and in doing so, we identify inventive and inspired solutions.

We’ll be exploring the concept of curiosity together throughout the next month as part of our “Winter of Wonder” campaign. And so, we invite you to join us...

winter of wonder

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