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Stressed and Overwhelmed? The Ancient Practice of Forest Bathing Soothes Tension Naturally

June 13, 2024
First For Women
Stress and overwhelmed? Surrounding yourself in nature and connecting to the outdoors is proven way to naturally boost your mood and improve mental health. In this First for Women article, Dr. Allison Chase shares how stress impacts the body and the benefits of spending time outside. "Spending time in nature, with more serene and slower paced stimuli, can be very calming to the nervous system, where stress and cortisol levels are impacted," said Chase.

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For many women over 50, the burden of chronic stress feels like an unwelcome constant. It not only zaps your energy, but it can also take a toll on your physical and mental health. But there’s a simple, natural solution that can help: forest bathing.

No, this doesn’t mean soaking in a tub surrounded by trees. Rather, it’s a mindful immersion in the atmosphere of the forest. We got the expert rundown on the science behind forest bathing and its potential to relieve stress, improve mood and boost overall well-being. Plus, see the three simple steps that can help you tap into the benefits.

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