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Montgomery County's crisis negotiators want better vehicles for natural disasters

October 12, 2021
Houston Chronicle
Regional Clinical Director Deb Michel talks to the Houson Chronicle about the impact natural disasters can have on our mental health.

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Vehicular upgrades may be on the way for Montgomery County officers to better respond to mental health crisis calls during weather events like February’s historic arctic blast and hurricanes.

The ice storm “was pretty challenging,” said Montgomery County Precinct 1 Lt. Brian Luly, commander of the county’s roughly 14-member crisis intervention team.

The storm showed the four-year-old CIT what obstacles it still faces in answering crisis calls, which often include threats of self-harm. The current use of two-wheel Chevrolet Tahoes proved problematic on icy roads, Luly and Pct. 1 Constable Philip Cash said.

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