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Picture Perfect? Navigating Teens, Media and Social Comparison

July 6, 2021
Regional Clinical Director Allison Chase is quoted in this article with tips for parents on helping teens navigate social media.

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Every day, young people are bombarded with digitally altered ads of celebrities, and paid influencers with impossibly perfect bodies disguised as “living the dream.” While we’re all guilty of comparison, teenagers are particularly vulnerable to its damaging effects—and eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and dysmorphia can be the unfortunate results. It’s not all doom and gloom, though. During the pandemic, when used mindfully, social media can help your teens stay connected and at times even boost their feelings of self-worth and acceptance.

Children and Screens recently convened a panel of leading experts to share information about why we compare ourselves to others, and how to help your teens to avoid falling prey to forming unhealthy expectations about themselves, their social status, and how they should look, especially while engaging with social media. Read the key takeaways below!


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