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Olympic boxer Fuchs determined to win her fight against OCD

June 22, 2021
The Washington Times
Olympic boxer Ginny Fuchs opens up about her struggles with OCD in this Washington Times article.

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Ginny Fuchs' obsessive-compulsive disorder sometimes compels her to use a dozen toothbrushes a night, tossing one after another into the trash when she decides they’ve been contaminated. She has spent hundreds of dollars a week on cleaning products, and she sometimes bleaches the bottoms of her shoes.

She even wears baseball players’ batting gloves when she does her strength-and-conditioning work with the U.S. Olympic boxing team so she won’t have to touch the workout mats while doing push-ups.

“It’s like this black cloud that follows me every second of my day,” Fuchs said of OCD, which invades the mind with unreasonable thoughts and fears leading to repetitive, compulsive behavior. “I always feel like I’m in this jail of OCD mind that I can’t get out of.”


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