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Our 11 Picks for Group Therapy that You Can Access from Your Couch at Home

April 19, 2023
People Magazine named Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center "Best for Peer Support" in their round-up of "Our 11 Picks for Group Therapy that You Can Access from Your Couch at Home."

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Group therapy is a fantastic resource for those seeking to improve their mental health. Rather than meeting with a therapist one-on-one, in group therapy you attend sessions with a bunch of other individuals who are experiencing a similar issue to you. Some groups can focus on a specific diagnosis — such as anxiety or depression — while others will discuss specific types of traumatic events, like pregnancy loss or divorce. Other groups might be aimed at a particular demographic or age group, like teens.

Research has also shown that group therapy can be highly effective, especially for particular issues like alcohol use or grief, helping you see a reduction in the symptoms you're experiencing. This is because it can help you feel less alone and supported by your peers, as well as accountable to keep working on developing the skills and tools you learn in the group sessions. Group therapy is also often more affordable than seeing a therapist one-on-one. And the good news is, if you think you might benefit from this type of therapy, you have lots of options — including online.

We evaluated over 80 online therapy services with the help of three licensed therapists, surveyed 10,000 real therapy users, and tested dozens of group therapy offerings ourselves. This article was also fact-checked and medically reviewed for accuracy by a licensed therapist. Here are the group therapy services we recommend.

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