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Best Online Therapy That Takes Insurance and Meets Family Needs

March 3, 2023
Pathlight and ERC were awarded “Best for Comprehensive Care” in Parents' 2023 “Best Online Therapy That Takes Insurance” list.

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Finding accessible and affordable mental health care can be a struggle for many families. While one in five children has a diagnosable mental health condition, only 20% of families are able to secure the support they need, citing obstacles such as a lack of insurance coverage and long waitlists.

 The good news is that parents seeking mental health support — whether for themselves or their children — may find some convenient online therapy options that accept insurance. Not only does online therapy offer flexibility for time-strapped parents, research shows that virtual sessions can be every bit as effective as in-person visits. Several companies provide an option to bill your insurance from the moment you set up your account.

We conducted research on the services offered, costs, and providers at various teletherapy platforms that accept most major insurance providers in order to pick out the best 11. Each of our top selections accepts insurance plans and also has high ratings from more than 100 users surveyed. The services have also been personally tested as well as reviewed by three licensed therapists. We do this to ensure we found quality services that cater to families with perks like flexible scheduling, parent support groups, and more.


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