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Best Online Trauma Counseling

March 2, 2023
VeryWell Health
Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center was named in Verywell Health's "Best Online Trauma Counseling" list as "Best Overall"

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Approximately 83% of adults in the United States have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. While not everyone who experiences a trauma will have mental health issues as a result, many struggle to identify resources to help them work through trauma-related symptoms.

Trauma can be a single scary event or a series of stressors that build up over time. You might not realize until long after that an event had a traumatic impact on you. If you experience intrusive memories of traumatic events, struggle with sleep, or experience difficulty with depression, anxiety, substance use, or other mental health issues following a traumatic event, you might benefit from treatment and support for your symptoms—and online counseling could help. 

We know it can be overwhelming to vet online services, so we did the research for you, surveying hundreds of users at 55 online therapy companies and 25 therapist directories. We also tested many of these services ourselves. Here are the options we found to be the best for online trauma counseling.


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