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Preventing teacher burnout before school starts

August 4, 2023
KPRC Houston
In this KPRC segment, Dr. Anna Brown shares important information for educators returning to the classroom including how to recognize the difference between stress and anxiety, tips for self-care, and preventing burnout.

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Our teachers are stressed -- Over 300,000 public school teachers and staff quit their job between Feb 2020 and May 2022. In a June 2022 poll, more than 40% of K-12 teachers felt burned out “always” or “very often” at work. The most common challenges teachers report facing include safety concerns, low salaries, reduced funding, and mental health.

Dr. Anna Brown at Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center joined KPRC 2+ at 7 to share tips for helping teachers cope with stress and burnout.

Watch the full interview to find out:

  • How to identify if your stress is normal
  • Coping tips to help reduce stress & anxiety
  • How to talk to your family and your boss about how you’re feeling
  • Ways to transition back into a calmer school routine
  • When should you reach out for help


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