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It's Suicide Prevention Month! Here are tools to stem the tide of hopelessness

September 27, 2023
Dr. Matthew Pierson shares thoughtful insight with WJLA (ABC DC) about the impact of the pandemic and social media on suicide rates, and provides helpful information about how to help those who may be experiencing thoughts of suicide.

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September is Suicide Prevention Month and 7News is figuring out why suicides are on the rise. Dr. Matthew Pierson, Psychiatrist at the Pathlight Mood and Anxiety Center discussed the causes and the practical solutions.

In this segment, Dr. Pierson notes that prevention is possible with treatment. Reaching out to those who may be struggling may actually be comforting to them; and learning more about mental health helps to eliminate the stigma. He also encouraged viewers to use the 988 hotline if they were in need of immediate assistance. 

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