Moe Ari Brown, LMFT

Moe Ari Brown, LMFT


Therapist | Speaker | Writer | Authenticity & Love Expert

Moe Ari Brown, LMFT (they/he), is one of the leading mental health experts in Gender Identity. Over the past decade, Moe Ari has worked as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with LGBTQIA+ individuals, couples, and families.  Through his professional work and journey as a person of Transgender experience, Moe Ari is now an expert in cultivating radical authenticity.⏤the process of integrating, accepting, aligning, and celebrating one’s intersecting identities despite threats to belonging. As a public speaker, Moe Ari offers the lessons he learned, hoping that his story will inspire others to unconditional self-love and alignment.

Moe Ari is the Love and Connection Expert at Hinge. Pairing Hinge’s research with Moe's expertise in LGBTQIA+ relationships, Moe is at the forefront of building an inclusive dating space where all daters can find love, both in the app and offline. His most recent participation in Hinge's Not-So Frequently Asked Questions (NFAQ) resource landed him on billboards throughout NYC, LA, and London (UK). The NFAQ resource features Moe and other LGBTQIA+ public figures answering commonly asked questions about LGBTQIA+ dating and identity.

As a Treatment Action Group (TAG) board member, Moe Ari is passionate about ensuring that LGBTQIA+ people have quality access to care. Moe Ari is also a public speaker, educating others on allyship for the Trans community. Some of his academic work, "Transcending the Binary: A Narrative Therapy Approach to Helping Black Trans Men" is included in Black Couples Therapy: Clinical Theory and Practice, a textbook for couples therapy published by Cambridge University Press.


Moe has been featured in many news articles, podcasts, broadcast interviews, and magazines throughout the US, UK, and Australia. Moe is also a co-host of the Be your own Love Goals Podcast, a former adjunct professor at Adler University, a CE course presenter for Simple Practice Learning, a consultant on DEI & Belonging, and a 2023 TEDx Atlanta speaker.