Alum and Recovery Ambassador Council Member

Shay lives in Colorado with her family. An avid learner and science nerd, Shay loves to read about topics of interest and share them with her wife, who listens patiently. In her spare time, Shay likes to spend time with her wife and 4 kids, shop for cute clothes, hike, fly airplanes, get a mani/pedi, travel, hang out with her friends, and cook Indian food. Shay shares her story from the perspective of managing both physical and mental health concerns, including an eating disorder while holding down a job and taking care of her family. Shay hopes that telling her story will give others hope that recovery and a great life after illness are possible.

Educational Resources

Say It Brave

Letting It All Out

Nausea. Sinus headaches. Stress. Depression. Anxiety. Illness. It was all hitting me at once as I stood in my messy kitchen, dishes strewn about…