Vik Chopra

Vik Chopra


Director, Writer, Producer

Vik Chopra is a filmmaker, writer, actor and all-around creative on a quest to change the world through storytelling, particularly through the lens of the queer community and those that have experienced the American carceral system. He has worked for PBS and KEXP, and today is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Unincarcerated Productions. Vik uses his experience of being formerly incarcerated and an addict in recovery with over 11 years of sobriety to tell stories that shift the societal narrative around addiction and incarceration.

He has directed and produced two documentary short films and is working on a feature length documentary with the Harlem Globetrotters. He is also a content creator for, a new entertainment platform for American Asians showcasing newly developed dramatic shows, reality TV, written editorial, podcasts, and curated third party content. He is the 1st Assistant Director and Co-Editor for JoySauce Late Night, the first ever Talk and Variety Show for the AAPI community, and along with his cousin Sundeep Singh Boparai (@kingsunnyb), Vik hosts the video podcast South Gaysian Boys, Hot Takes with Vik & Juju, and is a contributing writer to the JoySauce platform. He is also a screenwriter and actor, represented by all about You! talent in the PNW, and ABA Talent in Los Angeles.

When he's not out fighting the system, he's usually spending too much time in the gym or listening to Britney Spears.