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Latuda withdrawal: What happens when you stop taking Latuda?

May 10, 2024
The Checkup by SingleCare
Dr. Howard Weeks is quoted in this article by The Checkup by SingleCare which discusses how to avoid potential side effects when discontinuing Latuda. "Medications like Latuda ... do not have 'formal' withdrawal symptoms, but some people may experience some minor discomfort when reducing doses," said Weeks. The article discusses common symptoms and withdrawal timeline, how to manage withdrawal, long-term effects, and how to navigate safely discontinuing the medication.

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Latuda is a brand of lurasidone, a prescription drug used in the treatment of bipolar disorder (specifically, bipolar depression) and schizophrenia. Latuda is part of a class of medications called atypical, or second-generation, antipsychotics. Abruptly stopping a drug like Latuda may result in a rebound of symptoms. Quitting antipsychotics may also cause withdrawal-like symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, restlessness, and uncontrolled muscle movements. Latuda is not intended to treat dementia-related psychosis in older adult patients as it may cause an increased risk of death.

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