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How to Stop a Panic Attack, According to Experts

Dr. Toya Roberson-Moore is featured in this Prevention Magazine article, How to Stop a Panic Attack, According to Experts, and shares insight about what causes them; the brain's response; and how to recognize, calm, and manage anxiety.

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Tips for coping with back-to-school anxiety

In this WGN9 segment, Dr. Ellen Astrachan-Fletcher shares how caregivers can ease their child's back-to-school anxiety and discusses times of transition.
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Going Back to School as an Adult? Here's How to Settle in More Easily

In this Giddy article about adult learners returning to the classroom, Dr. Casey Tallent is quoted sharing signs when students should connect with campus mental health services. Dr. Tallent notes that when you're just "feeling off," connecting with campus professionals or support from others is important.
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ABC7 Chicago

Back to school: How parents can help kids manage stress, anxiety

Dr. Ellen Astrachan-Fletcher sits down with ABC7 Chicago to talk about back-to-school stress and anxiety. In the segment, Dr. Astrachan-Fletcher offers tips for caregivers including how to talk to their child about their feelings and the difference between stress/anxiety and school refusal.
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KPRC Houston

Preventing teacher burnout before school starts

In this KPRC segment, Dr. Anna Brown shares important information for educators returning to the classroom including how to recognize the difference between stress and anxiety, tips for self-care, and preventing burnout.