Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center Sacramento

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Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center Sacramento

Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center – located along the scenic American River – specializes in treatment for mood, anxiety and trauma-related disorders for medically stable adults.

Our mood and anxiety treatment program in California offers a Partial Hospitalization Program and an Intensive Outpatient Program, available both on-site and virtually.

For patients in need of structure, intensive skills practice and who can maintain medication compliance, our 7-day-per-week Partial Hospitalization Program includes 6-8 hours of programming each day. Patients spend nights at home or at nearby apartments for a comfortable, supported environment during evening hours: helping them apply insights into perpetuating factors that amplify symptoms and develop sustainable skills and strategies for managing symptoms.

Both the onsite and virtual Intensive Outpatient Program provide up to 11 hours of clinical programming each week for patients with mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder and seasonal affective disorder as well as anxiety disorders including general anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Our treatment modalities include specialty tracks for trauma and OCD.

We partner with our patients, families and referents to provide the skills, tools and support needed to rebuild resilience and guide patients on a path to long-lasting mental wellness.

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Partial Hospitalization
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Anxiety Disorders
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Mood and Anxiety Disorders
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Life at Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center Sacramento

Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center provides specialized treatment for mood, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders in Sacramento for adults. Accredited by the Joint Commission and led by a nationally recognized team of experts across multiple behavioral healthcare disciplines, Pathlight offers comprehensive, mindfulness-based treatment approaches to support adults and families struggling with serious behavioral health concerns.

As a member of the Eating Recovery Center family of programs, Pathlight’s treatment philosophy acknowledges the importance of assessment, intervention and discharge planning in successfully addressing behavioral health concerns. A fully comprehensive assessment is crucial in identifying co-occurring conditions and developing an individualized treatment plan.

Evidence-based interventions, including Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Activation, and DBT-centered trauma education and protocol, help patients and families alike interrupt maladaptive thoughts and behaviors and live a values-rich life.

Our newly enhanced Transdiagnostic Care Approach uses a variety of evidence-based psychotherapies – coupled with specialized trauma and OCD tracks – to provide individualized treatment for the whole person and ensure the optimal environment for engagement, learning and recovery.

Eating disorder treatment for binge eating disorder, anorexia, bulimia and others is also available for adults, children and adolescents through our Eating Recovery Center programming at the same location.

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    Family and Alumni Support

    Our support for patients and families does not end at the time of discharge-rather, the treatment team carefully develops a personalized discharge plan, and offers several aftercare services and alumni support programs for patients that do not have an established mood, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders treatment team.

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    For our out-of-town patients and families, we offer free Travel Concierge Services. Our Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Concierge Services Representative is available to assist you with a wide variety of needs before and during treatment, including travel arrangements, booking accommodations and help locating local services, such as shopping, dining and much more.

Paying for Treatment

Insurances accepted change frequently. If you do not see your insurance carrier here, please ask us. The Eating Recovery Center’s insurance and financial specialists will provide a free benefits check. Our team will work tirelessly on your behalf to make treatment possible.

Eating Recovery Center of California is a Joint Commission-accredited center for eating disorders treatment in Sacramento. Founded in 2000, Eating Recovery Center of California is a medically-supervised eating disorder treatment program serving female and male adults and adolescents with eating disorders and related conditions including trauma, substance abuse, exercise compulsion, diabetes and medical/psychiatric complications.

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United Behavioral Health

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Levels of Care

  • Partial Hospitalization

    Daytime, onsite care with evenings offsite or at patient’s home.

  • Intensive Outpatient

    Days spent at center and nights at patient’s home.

  • Virtual Care

    Effective treatment in the comfort of your home.

Explore Our Other Locations

Pathlight has multiple locations around the country to meet your mood and anxiety disorder treatment needs.

Meet Our Team

  • Caroline McHale, MBA, MFA
    Caroline McHale, MBA, MFA Link

    Caroline McHale, MBA, MFA

    Regional Vice President
    Caroline McHale joined Eating Recovery Center & Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center in 2020 as the Operating Vice President. She ...
  • Elizabeth Wassenaar, MS, MD, CEDS
    Elizabeth Wassenaar, MS, MD, CEDS-S Link

    Elizabeth Wassenaar, MS, MD, CEDS-S

    Regional Medical Director
    Dr. Elizabeth Wassenaar comes to Pathlight following her role as Medical Director at Eating Recovery Center (ERC), Denver. Prior ...
  • Amy Richards, RN, BSN
    Amy Richards RN, BSN Link

    Amy Richards RN, BSN

    Regional Nursing Director
    Amy joined Eating Recovery Center / Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center in February 2014 as Illinois opened its first residential ...
  • Robert McFerren, LCSW
    Robert McFerren, LICSW Link

    Robert McFerren, LICSW

    Executive Director
    Robert McFerren graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Science in Social Work from The University of Texas at ...
  • cory adams
    Cory Adams, LMFT Link

    Cory Adams, LMFT

    Clinical Director
    A licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working in the mental health field for the past 12 years, Cory joined Eating Recovery ...