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What Are the Four Types of OCD?

Learn about the four types of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and understand when OCD treatment might be helpful.

Self Care

A Mindfulness Exercise to Reduce Perfectionism

Perfectionists love to act as though they have it “all together.” But, inside, they are suffering. See how mindfulness can reduce perfectionism.


Living with OCD During COVID-19 

Thirty years ago, mental health wasn't as prominent as it is now, therefore I'm not sure my family even knew how much I was suffering. Years later,…

Mental Note

More Than My OCD - Moving Beyond Compulsion

Join us as we journey with Sunnie Gruwell through the process of dividing her own identity from that of the disorder. Along the way, we'll discover…

Families in Recovery

Parenting a Child with OCD: A Mother's Story

The diagnosis of OCD was not new to our family. OCD was something we were familiar with, but our knowledge on how to recognize and fight it was…

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