I Thought it was Just Me

I thought it was just me

Pathlight Instagram Live Series

I Thought It Was Just Me, a Pathlight Exclusive Instagram Series, features Kaylee Kron, LMSW GC-C MA (ERC Pathlight West Region Community Outreach Liaison) & Katie Bendel, LMSW (ERC Pathlight South Region Community Outreach Liaison) as they host lived-experience speakers and share authentic conversations about rarely discussed, yet common experiences. Topics will include themes of Maternal Mental Health, Neuro-Diversity Diagnosis in Your 30s, Grief, and so much more.

Join them as they dive into thought-provoking issues and bring these common, yet under-the-radar topics to the forefront of mental health conversations.

Upcoming Conversations

April 2023 – How I Advocated for Myself During My Endometriosis Journey

Date: Wednesday, April 19 | 12:00pm MT

Join us on Wednesday, April 19th in our premiere event for Healthcare Decisions Day as we welcome Julianna North to share her lived experience navigating the healthcare system and finding her voice in self-advocacy during her endometriosis journey.

About the guest: Julianna is an artist, living in the Pacific Northwest. Aside from creating femme art, she uses her art to confront her past health experiences and trauma. When she isn't painting, she is reading, birding, hiking, mountain or road biking with her husband, and her dog.

Presented By

  • Katie Bendel, LMSW
    Katie Bendel Link

    Katie Bendel

    Community Outreach Liaison | South Region
    Katie believes that recovery and mental wellness are created with and supported by community with others, and connection to our ...
  • Kaylee Kron, LMSW
    Kaylee Kron Link

    Kaylee Kron

    National Community Partnership Manager
    Kaylee earned her Master of Social Work degree through Boise State University as well as a Master of Strategic Marketing Degree ...
  • Ivy Watts
    Ivy Watts Link

    Ivy Watts

    Ivy Watts, a former Division II All-American track athlete, who appeared to have it all together struggled daily with her mental ...
  • Shannon Kopp
    Shannon Kopp Link

    Shannon Kopp

    Shannon Kopp, an Eating Disorder Recovery Center National Recovery Advocate, is the best-selling author of Pound for Pound: A ...
  • Mental health advocate Eric Dorsa
    Eric Dorsa Link

    Eric Dorsa

    National Mental Health Advocate
    Eric Dorsa is an LGBTQ advocate, actor, comedian, and drag queen currently living in Chicago, Illinois. As an advocate for the ...
  • Bonnie Violet
    Bonnie Violet Link

    Bonnie Violet

    Bonnie Violet is a trans femme genderqueer spiritual drag artist and digital chaplain. She is a YouTuber & Host of a queer ...

March 2023 - Why Trans Visibility Matters

In honor of Transgender Day of Visibility, and in light of Anti-Trans legislation and drag bans, we have dedicated this month’s I Thought It Was Just Me Instagram Live to a conversation around community, grief, and allyship. Eric Dorsa, Mental Health Advocate and Drag Performer, and Bonnie Violet, a trans femme genderqueer spiritual drag artist and digital chaplain are hosted by Kaylee Kron in this deeply important conversation.

February 2023 - How Pets Impact Our Mental Health

Kaylee is joined by Shannon Kopp, ERC Pathlight National Recovery Advocate and founder of SoulPaws Recovery Project, to discuss all the ways in which animals can positively impact our mental health - teaching us how to be more self-compassionate, present, and connected to the world around us. Throughout this chat, they will share authentic and profound stories recounting how each of their lives have been uniquely impacted by animals --especially their pets.

The hosts’ and guest speaker’s beloved pet companions – Charlie and Bella – will make live appearances (dog attention spans and personalities willing)! Anyone who appreciates animals will be able to relate, and appreciate these conversations – whether you currently have, have lost, or desire a meaningful relationship with animals. You don’t want to miss this fun, real, and downright heartwarming experience.

January 2023 – Mental Health Before, During and After Pregnancy

Hosted by Ivy Watts and host Kaylee Kron

Pregnancy and post-partum can be a beautiful time, but there are also many relatable challenges faced that are not often discussed, leaving us to feel like these challenges are ours alone to carry. Join us as we discuss the challenges we faced while navigating pregnancy and post-partum and the impact they had on our separate mental health journeys.

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