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Do you or someone you know struggle with mood or anxiety disorders?

Mood, anxiety and trauma-related disorders are very common. If you have been experiencing symptoms that are impacting your quality of life, you may be wondering if treatment is the next right step to take. The brief self-assessment below can help you identify some of the signs and symptoms associated with mood and anxiety disorders. 

Have you ever wondered if you might have a diagnosable mood, anxiety, or trauma-related condition? If any or all of the following feelings or behaviors in this self-assessment quiz apply to you or a loved one, you may want to reach out for professional help.

  • Do you feel sad, unhappy or cry for no apparent reason?
  • Do you feel numb or apathetic?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating or focusing?
  • Do former hobbies and interest no longer give you pleasure?
  • Do you feel tired, lethargic or like you have no energy?
  • Have your sleeping and eating patterns changed? (ie. sleep too much or too little, eat less or more than usual)
  • Do you feel tense, anxious or like you can’t sit still?
  • Do you feel worried or anxious?
  • Do you feel you must repeat certain tasks or rituals? (ie. counting or checking/re-checking things)

Mood, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders are complex but they are also treatable conditions.

While a self-assessment quiz is a good barometer for the symptoms you are experiencing, it’s important that you receive a more thorough assessment from a mental health professional. Our Masters-level clinicians are specially trained in mood and anxiety orders. Please call us today at 877-825-8584 to speak confidentially with a counselor. The call is free.